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Marbella, is the second largest city on the Costa del Sol, after Malaga. During the course of the past 50 years, Marbella has grown from being a simple fishing village to one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Today, this beautiful, cosmopolitan, Mediterranean city beholds everything imaginable; plus some things even beyond the imagination!

There are currently approximately 130,000 residents in Marbella and the city has been permitted to grow and retain the original character of the community and shows no signs of becoming just yet another metropolis. It is a wonderful town to visit and remains a friendly place of infinite possibilities. Located 60 km west of the provincial capital, Malaga, Marbella is the Costa del Sol’s most famous touristic destination. There are a number of five-star international hotels, some of which are iconic landmarks of the district, as well as smaller places of accommodation that are full of long-established Spanish spirit.

When it comes to restaurants, Marbella boasts the greatest of varieties. An extraordinary number of cultural influences have left their mark on the town through the centuries and therefore a vast medley of menus, literally from all over the world, can be found offered throughout to tantalise the tastebuds. Local cuisine of traditional Andalucian recipes are always heavily patronised by the locals and tourists alike and the long-established tapas bars are a particular draw during the sunny afternoons through to the evenings.

The beaches of Marbella are amongst the most admirable in Spain and offer much more than just the sand, sea and sun. Play beach volleyball with friends, rent a jet ski or take a boat trip along the coast – or even beyond. An abundance of attractive chiringuitos (small beach bars) are dotted along the clean, sandy Marbella beaches to serve refreshing drinks and light lunches in a relaxing setting allowing one to just watch the world go by.

If your ideal holiday involves choices away from the beach, Marbella offers plenty of alternatives to choose from. Take a tour of the Banzai Museum, lunch at Orange Square, explore the offerings hidden amongst the narrow streets of old town of Marbella centre, or visit the huge modern shopping complex of La CaƱada. For the more adventurous and able, somewhat more challenging is the walk to the peak of the mountain La Concha. The panoramic vistas of the coast from the mountainous natural peak above the town is breathtakingly impressive and on clearer days the view includes Atlas Mountains of Morrocco, seemingly just a hop across the Mediterranean Sea.

Although Marbella is not overbuilt and is not such a big city, it has all the amenities one would expect in a metropolis; modern hospitals, efficient infrastructure and strong police presence to keep the population safe. Marbella is also very strongly focused on keeping the city clean and pretty, something immediately apparent and always especially noticeable to visitors.

Marbella is certainly worth a visit in any season, not only in the height of summer, because of the consistently mild climate throughout the year. Boasting a high percentage of sunny days per annum and a stable climate, Marbella’s picturesque setting will always be a jewel in the crown of the Costa del Sol.ll in style.

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