Tactile map to guide Málaga visitors introduced

Calle Larios, Málaga

A tactile map for people with visual disabilities is now located at the junction of the Plaza de la Marina and Calle Larios in Málaga city centre.

The wheelchair-user-friendly guide represents part of the accessibility initiative launched by Málaga City Council, which will allow access people with disabilities to the five main tourist routes of the city: Monumental Málaga, Picasso, Botany, Traditional and Sacred.

The move is a continuation of the Action Plan on tourism accessibility, which was started in 2009 with an investment of 24,000 euros.

It is estimated that some 300,000 visitors with sensory disabilities will benefit annually from this initiative.

As part of the drive, free audio guides have also been available from the headquarters of the Plaza de la Marina.

The guides contain tourist information on the five routes and are available in sign language and can be accompanied by subtitles and voice.

Additionally, for tech-savvy visitors who have the relevant mobile devices, the routes can be downloaded as the plane touch-based technology available in the QR code.

The videos can be viewed on YouTube channel Area Tourism – “malagaturismo” – or downloaded directly from the web mp4 www.malagaturismo.com.

In Malaga there are 57,215 people with disabilities, of which 44.34% are physical, sensory 16.42%, 28.92% are mixed, and 10.33% mental.

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