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Jamaica murder rate drops after gang crackdown

Jamaica says it has had significant success in bringing down its murder rate, one of the highest in the world. The government said there had been a 44% drop in the number of killings in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period in 2010. It said its policy of saturating gang-dominated [...]

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UK businesses banned from allowing under-18 sunbed use

Businesses in England that allow under-18s to use sunbeds risk being fined up to £20,000 (22.776 EUR) under new legislation. The Sunbed (Regulation) Act 2010 stops young people using sunbeds in places including salons, leisure centres, gyms and hotels. But, there will be no requirement for businesses to question for ID, or to keep a [...]

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Commodore 64 to live again in PC format

Fans of retro computing will soon be able to buy a modern PC clad in a classic case. Commodore is making a Windows PC that fits inside a boxy beige shell that looks exactly like its original C64. The 8-bit machine was released in 1982, had 64 kilobytes of memory and became one of the [...]

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Eurozone interest rates raised slightly after two year low

Eurozone interest rates have been raised from the record low of 1% by the European Central Bank (ECB). Interest rates had been held at 1% for just under two years following the financial crisis and global recession. The ECB has now set interest rates to 1.25%. The European Commission recently upgraded its inflation forecast for [...]

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UK interest rates held again at record low of 0.5%

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee has kept UK interest rates once more at a record low of 0.5%. There has been no change to the Bank rate for 25 months, despite the fact that inflation is currently more than twice the Bank’s 2% target rate. No new quantitative easing measures were unveiled. Last [...]

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Spain economy gets vote of confidence from IMF chief

Spain has no need of an international financial rescue, according to Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). “I don’t believe that the Spanish government needs any type of financial aid,” he said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Pais. The comments will be seen as a vote of confidence that [...]

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Honda halves production at Swindon through lack of parts

Honda is to halve production at its factory in Swindon from Monday because of a shortage of parts coming from Japan. Honda said that the 3,000 workers would remain on full pay. It was confident that the 22,500 fewer cars that would be built as a result could be made up by the year end. [...]

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M&S customers at risk from spam email after Epsilon attack

Marks and Spencer customers have been warned to expect an increase in spam e-mail after hackers stole their details. The company has contacted users of its online service to warn them about the data breach, which was part of a wider attack on marketing firm Epsilon. A number of American companies also had their mailing [...]

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Naked soldier stops robbery of own car

A naked soldier stopped a robber from stealing his car in Salford by smashing the window with his bare hands. L/Cpl Wayne O’Mahoney, 41, from Charlestown, chased after three masked men who broke into his house early on Saturday morning. One of the robbers, who was armed with a knife, tried to drive off in [...]

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Portugal bail-out fears increase after another ratings downgrade

Ratings agency Moody’s has downgraded Portuguese government debt by one notch, to Baa1 from A3, and warned that a further cut may be necessary. This is the second downgrade by Moody’s in less than a month and follows fellow agency Standard & Poor’s cut last week. Moody’s said its decision was “driven primarily by increased [...]

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